About Us

The Clay Box was designed by art teacher Mrs. Ruth Post. 

Mrs. Post has over 30 years of experience as an art teacher and has brought the joy of working with clay to thousands of children. She knows that the art supply children are most excited about using is clay. It is the perfect tactile and moldable material for little hands to manipulate. To a child clay is magical. They love to squeeze it, poke it, pound it and shape it. The Clay Box was the perfect way to help give little hands this fun experience. 

Mrs. Post likes helping little artists grow into BIG artists. She enjoys helping them learn about art, create art and watching them grow as artists. Developing The Clay Box allows her to now reach children from all around the country and share what she loves to do most - make art. 

Meet Our Team

Little Bud

Mrs. Post's Apprentice 

Mrs. Ruth Post

Art Teacher

Miss Sprinkle  

The Gardener

Our Mission

Our mission is to help little artists grow into BIG artists. 

To learn more about budding artists visit: littlebuddingartist.com