The Benefits Of Working With Clay

Manipulating clay helps children develop eye hand co-ordination as they pat and push the clay into shapes and objects. Clay also helps children develop the small muscles in their fingers and hands, known as fine motor skills as they pinch and squeeze the clay, adding detail to the forms they create. Working with clay promotes mental well being because it offers a fun and relaxing experience. Providing children with repeated experiences working with clay helps children to develop skills towards mastery. Skill development requires children do similar actives over and over. Children can then use clay as a medium to express their own ideas and life experiences through art making.

A Mini Art Lesson In Every Box

The Clay Box comes with a curated art lesson every month designed by a professional art teacher with exclusive access to video instructions to aide in sculpting each art project. As a Certified Art Teacher, Mrs. Post has ensured that the online curriculum aligns with the National Core Art Standards. The Clay Box art lessons have been designed to encompass art history, contemporary artists, sculpture techniques, multi-cultural styles, pottery, exploring different types of clay bodies, knowledge about ceramics along with the elements and principles of design. 

Live Zoom Art Classes

The Clay Box community meets throughout the year via Zoom for live art instruction from certified Art Teacher and Master Artist Mrs. Post.