Clay Club Classes

Join art teacher Mrs. Post and fellow artists for a FUN & interactive live art class via Zoom.

About Us

"Hi I am art teacher Mrs. Post.I have been an art teacher for nearly 35 years. I have taught the very young to the young at heart how to put their heart into their art.  

I have brought the joy of working with clay to thousands of children. I know that the art supply children are most excited about using is clay. Clay is the perfect tactile and moldable material for little hands to manipulate. To a child clay is magical. They love to squeeze it, poke it, pound it, and shape it. So I created The Clay Box to help give little hands this fun experience. 

I enjoy helping children learn about art, create art, and watching them grow as artists. I would love to bring this rich art experience to your little budding artist."

Mrs. Post - Art Teacher - Sedona, AZ


The Benefits Of Working With Clay

Manipulating clay helps children develop eye hand co-ordination as they pat and push the clay into shapes and objects. Clay also helps children develop the small muscles in their fingers and hands, known as fine motor skills as they pinch and squeeze the clay, adding detail to the forms they create. Working with clay promotes mental well being because it offers a fun and relaxing experience. Providing children with repeated experiences working with clay helps children to develop skills towards mastery. Skill development requires children do similar actives over and over. Children can then use clay as a medium to express their own ideas and life experiences through art making.

Art lessons to help you 

learn, create 

and grow as an artist.


We had the most amazing Clay Day experience!

"My sons attended Mrs. Post's online art class. She was so energetic and interactive with all the students! She gave everyone a chance to talk, express ideas, ask or answer questions, and show their work to others. She even played games and offered prizes to make learning more exciting! The clay supplies came with every single item that we needed was sent to us ahead of time, so I didn't have to worry about preparation. "

Mary - Hillsboro, OR