What's inside the box?

An exciting new art theme box every month!



Guide Book - A complete step-by-step art lesson with easy to follow photo instructions.

Videos - Mini art lesson with professional art teacher Mrs. Post

Membership - Access to the private FB group "Little Budding Artists". Post finished artwork and receive personal feedback from art teacher Mrs. Post.

Clay - Each art lesson uses either an air dry clay that dries stone hard, plasticine clay that can be easily molded over and over again, or modeling clay that dries to a paintable finish.

Tools - Each art projects includes a variety of tools that will help with cutting, flattening, joining, smoothing, marking and sculpting the clay for each artwork created. 

Paints - Each art kit comes with a variety of paint colors in either watercolor or acrylics. Along with high quality broad and fine tip brushes. 

Accessories - Each art kit has different add on pieces to help decorate or enhance each project.