An art subscription box 

for children who love to 

create with clay.


The Clay Box comes with enough supplies for two people to share. Just perfect for friends, siblings, or an adult and child.


The Clay Box comes with a curated art lesson every month designed by a professional art teacher. 


Each box is filled with high quality art materials and tools to create with. 


Exclusive access to video instructions to aide in sculpting each art project. 

The Clay Box helps you to learn, create and grow as an artist.

Each month little budding artists will grow while learning and creating sculptures and pottery. Clay has been used by humans for thousands of years. It is the oldest art material on earth. The Clay Box provides an opportunity to join in this long standing tradition of creating with the earth's natural art making material. 

The Benefits Of Working With Clay

Manipulating clay helps children develop eye hand co-ordination as they pat and push the clay into shapes and objects. Clay also helps children develop the small muscles in their fingers and hands, known as fine motor skills as they pinch and squeeze the clay, adding detail to the forms they create. Working with clay promotes mental well being because it offers a fun and relaxing experience. Providing children with repeated experiences working with clay helps children to develop skills towards mastery. Skill development requires children do similar actives over and over. Children can then use clay as a medium to express their own ideas and life experiences through art making.


Art Education 

A full art curriculum encompassing art history, contemporary artists, sculpture techniques, multi-cultural styles, pottery, exploring different types of clay bodies, knowledge about ceramics along with the elements and principles of design will be included in the online art lessons taught by a certified art teacher. Curriculum aligns with the National Core Art Standards.


What's inside the box?


Guide Book - A complete step by step art lesson with easy to follow along photo instructions.

Videos - How-to tutorial access to help succeed as a sculptor. 

Membership - Access to the private FB group "Little Budding Artists". Post finished artwork and receive personal feedback from art teacher Mrs. Post.

Clay - Each art lesson uses either an air dry clay that dries stone hard, plasticine clay that can be easily molded over and over again, modeling clay that dries to a paintable finish or ingredients for homemade clays that are super fun to make. Plus enough clay to make two sculptures.  

Tools - Each art projects includes a variety of tools that will help with cutting, flattening, joining, smoothing, marking and sculpting the clay for each artwork created. 

Paints - Each art kit comes with a variety of paint colors in either watercolor or acrylics for adding color to your creations. Including sealers to give your sculptures a finishing touch. Along with high quality broad and fine tip brushes. 

Accessories - Each art kit has different add on pieces to help decorate or enhance your project. 

How It Works

Choose a membership plan. Then each month a box will arrive at your doorstep with a new clay project for you to create. Over the months children will learn how to work with clay, use ceramic tools, learn sculpture techniques and develop sculpting skills. Along with learning about art, other artists and enjoying the creative process experienced while creating each new sculpture. 

Follow These Steps To Join...

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Get It

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Make It

And start growing as an artist! 

It's that easy!

Spend time together creating and having fun with your loved ones.

Here is what our members are saying...

"Our Nana sent us this kit to make clay llamas. We had so much fun and can't wait to try another kit!"

The Head Sisters - Oscoda, MI

"I like to do crafts with my grandma."

Leah Chanler - Cornville, AZ

"My sons like to play together so this was the perfect activity for them."

Luke & Ben - Sedona, AZ

“The Clay Box is filled with everything you need to provide a comprehensive clay art project. All the hard work has been done for you! Art with Mrs. Post is so fun and entertaining too! She blends learning and creating seamlessly! As a certified K-12 Art Educator myself I highly recommend this clay box kit.  During my experience teaching art, I can tell you without hesitation that the medium of clay is by far the student’s favorite. I taught art professionally and I personally can testify to each kit’s high quality materials and tools. It is the very best that I have ever seen or used with my children! Now that I no longer teach in public education but rather teach our two boys at home, bringing art education into our routine proved harder than I expected, especially with clay and everything needed for a project. With The Clay Box, problem solved! I found that the detailed printed directions and the virtual step by step lesson with Mrs. Post in each kit are fantastic for children and adults alike! I give my highest recommendation for The Clay Box to anyone looking to offer a fabulous clay experience to your children or gift to your friends of any age! The Clay Box is positively money well spent!"   

Nicole Olivieri - Former K-12 Art Educator and Homeschooling Mama of 2 Boys


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