You will learn about clay, sculpture and pottery while you create using The Clay Box each month. Each box is filled with high quality art materials, tools and easy to follow illustrated step by step instructions. Save all of the tools you get in each clay box to grow your collection of clay tools. Use the tools on future Clay Box lessons or to sculpt and create on your own.   



The Clay Box comes with an awesome clay lesson and enough supplies for two people. The Clay Box is perfect for friends, siblings, or an adult and child. Each month you will receive a brand new lesson in The Clay Box.



You will grow as an artist as you create new sculptures each month. Artists grow by creating art. The Clay Box is like a date you set for yourself to make art. Each month you will grow as an artist while you learn about the world and how clay has been used by humans for thousands of years. 


Give the Magic of Clay!

You can send a single box or a gift subscription of one month to a full year!